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International Real Estate Opportunities

866 Dewey AveReal estate investment opportunities. A huge demand for real estate has developed as countries such as Nigeria and Mexico look to improve their infrastructure to deliver a better quality of life to their citizens and visiting foreigners. Such countries have what are termed emerging markets, because they were previously perceived as bad investments, ridden with corruption at the highest levels and not offering substantial profits.

But all this is changing. Endemic corruption is being rooted out and banking systems reformed, both of which are encouraging foreign investors to look for new Real Estate Investment Opportunities. These are teamed with increasing populations who are demanding the building of affordable housing, alongside public amenities and facilities such as shopping malls, leisure centers and office blocks.

However, it is not just a demand by citizens for better infrastructure that is driving construction projects in emerging markets, but also the tourist trade. Countries such as Mexico are experiencing a greater number of foreign visitors, all of whom expect to be catered to in terms of suitable accommodation and leisure facilities. It is not just the budget end of the tourist market, either, where demand is increasing. More people are seeking out holiday destinations in areas that have not previously been explored by regular tourists, and many of these people are from affluent sectors of society, who expect and demand luxury accommodation when they travel.

So what are the advantages to international real estate investment? The primary advantage is that you have complete control over how you invest, whether you choose to build or buy a property and rent it out, or buy and sell it at a profit. Having an investment portfolio that includes foreign real estate means that you will have cash generated in a foreign currency, which may have a better exchange rate than your native currency. In addition, as a hard asset, property holds its value much better than other, soft assets. And finally, investing in real estate construction projects means that you lease the land for arable or forestry uses while properties are being built.

For the serious investor, the international real estate market opens a door to great Investment Opportunities, and presents considerable advantages over the home property sector. Make the most out of current demand by investing in real estate in international and emerging markets.